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Rajadhani Business School (RBS) in association with Rajadhani Institute of Hotel Management (RIHM) organised an expert talk on the topic “The English Effect” on 3O, November, 2017. The talk was conducted as part of the ‘Meet the Executive Program’. The resource person was Mr. Vimal Kolappa, Chief Executive Officer, East Coat Hospitality, CA, USA. The talk was attended by the students and faculty members of MBA and RIHM. 

Mr. Kolappa has a vast experience of over 32 years in hospitality Industry and established a chain of hotels in United States under the banner of East Coast Hospitality. He emphasized the importance of good communication skills in international assignment particularly in hospitality sector. The session was followed by active interaction with students. The speaker was honoured by a memento of appreciation by  Dr. R Sathikumar, Principal, RIET.

In the end, the speaker emphasized on the opportunities for fresh Management Graduates and Hotel Management graduates in Hospitality Industry.   To sum up, it was a very effective and impactful session for students, who were deeply motivated by the Hospitality Industry.