Rajadhani Business School organised industrial visit for a group of MBA T5 students to KITEX Garments Ltd and, Kochi on 27 January 2018. The group consisted of 55 students of MBA T5  and 2 faculty members with Prof Rajit K Nair, Director.  The objective of the visit was to make the students understand the current manufacturing practices, supply chain management and business strategies. KITEX Garments Ltd is the largest employer in private sector in the state of Kerala. The company is currently the second largest producer of children's apparel in the world, and is now in the process of setting up operations in the United States of America. 

During the visit, students were exposed on various aspects of manufacturing operation of large and medium companies, warehousing and distribution as well as various welfare activities in working environment

Students were enthusiastic to gather information about organisations and its operations. They appreciated the efforts of the Manager who gave them information about the operations, SCM, Marketing strategies and welfare activities. It was a real learning experience for students.