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Prof. Rajit Karunakaran Nair

Rajit Nair is an International Strategist who has significant experience (more than 20 years as Strategy Developer, Management Consultant & Trainer in MENA) in setting up strategies, functional structures, program execution framework and in all faculties of Human Capital Advisory. Besides rated as the best Organizational Development Consultant, he is a well-known trainer, mentor and life coach. He has catered to all industries like retail, investments (traditional & Islamic), Insurance (traditional & Islamic), Transport & Logistics, Food, Hospitality, Health Care, Petroleum (downstream), Aviation, Higher Education (University, Open University), Education (IGCSE Schools)etc. Business represented in different formats like listed companies, private limited companies, Family Owned Businesses, Not-for-Profit organizations and startups completes the clientele. He works with clients who want to increase their effectiveness through turnaround strategy in areas ranging from management and human capital development to planning/evaluation of their policies and internal procedures.

He is the proponent of Pro-Biz Consulting Model that incorporates lateral thinking and forum methodology. Pro-Biz guarantees quick and realistic results. As a mentor he guides CEOs and Entrepreneurs. Rajit Nair is the architect of ProSkill – Soft Skills Enhancement Program which in different formats addresses weaknesses of students and employees and provides real time solutions to correct the problems identified. Rajit guides graduates and postgraduates on career planning through his program, 'What's Next?".

Being a Member of Hawkhamah the Institute of Corporate Governance, Rajit is a staunch advocate for developing and implementing sustainable Corporate Governance strategies adapted to companies.

His book “Making of a Sensible Consultant!” is a must read for consultants and aspiring consultants. This book is recommended by many universities in GCC for their MBA students. “Fearless or Shameless” is another book which provides articles on work culture, ethics, and business issues and placed under social satire genre.